DRP Leader Completes Mandarin Chinese Course In SVG

The Political Leader of the Democratic Republican Party Anesia Baptiste is encouraging interested Vincentians to take up the study of Mandarin Chinese offered at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College with the cooperation of the Republic of China Taiwan.

This as Baptiste was among a batch of students who completed the level Two (2) Evening Mandarin course on Wednesday 14th December, 2016.

Baptiste who has a special interest in learning Foreign Languages, completed level one (1) of this course during the January to April, 2016 period earlier this year and hopes to continue into level three (3) in early 2017.

Baptiste with colleagues Ashecia Sam and Crystal Webb on final day of class in Level 2 Mandarin Chinese course.

Baptiste hailed the course as very helpful in teaching fundamentals of this language which is, for English Speakers, globally considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn. Baptiste also praised her Mandarin Lecturer at the Community College Siao An Huei (English name Betty) for her excellent delivery of the course.

Speaking about her experience, Baptiste remarked, “As a student of Foreign Languages since Secondary School right up to my Master Degree program in France, I can appreciate the intricacies involved in such learning and I think what is being offered at our Community College presents an affordable and convenient opportunity right at home, for Vincentians to learn an important globally used language such as Mandarin Chinese.”

Baptiste further recommended the program saying, “Whether you are a student with hopes of continuing studies in Taiwan or you’re interested in travel and tourism in Mandarin speaking Countries or wanting to have some knowledge of this language for use in Business, you can receive a good start from this program.”

Baptiste with Siao An Huei (mandarin Lecturer)

Baptiste is urging interested persons to pay attention to the SVGCC’s notices in early 2017 for information about the recommencement of the level one (1) course for that year, even as she recognizes the Republic of China Taiwan for its efforts.

“I am motivated to continue to learn Mandarin and I applaud the Taiwanese Government, represented by Ambassador Ger and his team at the Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan, for this type of cooperation in Education.”

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