QUEENS, NY: Two Charged With Murdering Guyanese

Two 21-year-old men have so far been charged with the murder of a Guyanese New Yorker who was shot and killed as he slept beside his girlfriend in a South Ozone Park, Queens apartment.

The alleged murderers have been identified as Jonathan Chan, 21,  and Shamar Daley, also 21.

According to the charges, Chan, along with Daley and two other as yet unapprehended individuals, unlawfully entered a two-story dwelling on 135th Place in Jamaica, Queens, shortly after twelve noon on Sunday, December 11, 2016, and made their way to the first-floor bedroom where the victim, Eric Assanah, also 21, was in bed with his girlfriend.

Chan, who allegedly had threatened to kill Assanah hours earlier unless he received US$1,200 in stolen cash, allegedly fired once and a bullet entered the Assanah’s torso, killing him at the scene.

Chan, along with Daley and the two other unapprehended individuals, allegedly then fled the premises but was arrested shortly after the shooting. Sources say Chan and Assanah knew each other and that the shooting was drug related. He turned himself into police.

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