Leacock has one last "Political Kick" remaining

Reacting to the Hon St Clair Leacock congratulations to the new Opposition leader, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said: “it is one of the most unusual congratulations I have heard being here for so long, and I am the longest serving parliamentarian currently in the house of assembly”.

Gonsalves said “it touched me”,  “his words”, that he has endured real suffering and much humiliation, occasion by those in an organization to which he had given 35 years of service.

There is a larger question Mr. Speaker  “when persons serve for a long period of time either in there going or when they are gone, in their service or when they have completed their service, it is a fundamental matter that such a person be treated with respect”.


” The history of politics in the Caribbean and elsewhere has taught all of us that the individual, to put it bluntly, has one remaining political kick, at least one, for those who have accorded him great disrespect”.

Gonsalves said in the context of what was stated he would not be wrong in making that observation in the whole swept of history and comparatively in the region.

Gonsalves said the door is open for him to make whatever choice he considers to be appropriate, necessary and desirable in the circumstances”.

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