Argyle ByPass Road To Be Completed In Time For Christmas

The portion of the Argyle main road which was affected by recent heavy rains will soon be motorable, this according to Minister of Transport Julian Francis.

Francis speaking on Star radio Tuesday night said, drains are currently being done on both sides of the road to ensure the new surface does not suffer from water retention.

“it is a solid structure, and I want to complement the contractor ” Inotech” they have really put heart and soul into that job, they work extra hours almost every night up to 10pm”.

Francis said if we did not approach the job in that way,  motorist would not be able to use the road for Christmas.

New road below runway level as mandated by ECCAA

The minister said the other road at the Southern end of the runway, the one going from Mt Coke has been a challenge and will continue to be a challenge due to the constant rains.

“It’s at the soil stage and the least amount of rain that falls,  you must give it at least a couple of hours to dry out, that has been a significant delay”.

François said the first road was built at the runway level; however,  officials from ECCAA said they would prefer to have the road 15 feet below  runway level.

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