Son Says They Need To Bury Their Father In Peace

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Dear Editor

Wender Samuel-Rowell married Ceon Stapleton in 2003 in St. Vincent. Shortly after marrying, Wendor brought her new husband to the United States where they lived at 31 Malcolm X Boulevard in Brooklyn NY.

Six weeks after his arrival, it was a snowy day in New York, when Mr. Stapleton was home with the children watching TV. At which time Ms. Wender came home enraged and instructed the children to turn off the TV.

Mr. Stapleton advocated for more TV time for the children resulting in Wender kicking her husband out during a snow storm.

Ms. Wender ultimately kicked Mr. Stapleton out in the cold with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Luckily Mr. Stapleton was rescued by a neighbor who also allowed him to contact his eldest daughter Moreese Mason who came to pick her father up and provide him with shelter.

That was the last that Ms. Wender and Mr. Stapleton spoke.

It has been 13 years since they have had any contact. Ceon Stapleton passed away on December 3, 2016, leaving behind his 5 children and a host of grandchildren.

Mr. Stapleton’s children went to the Everready Funeral home on the 8th of December to make arrangements to bury their beloved dad and were shocked to learn that Ms.Wender already made funeral arrangements to bury Ceon Stapleton on December 18, 2016, without any of his children’s involvement and or consent.

In addition, Ms. Wender put a hold on Mr. Stapleton’s body preventing his children from even viewing him.

Mr. Stapleton’s children are asking for the help of the Prime minister in order to prepare a proper home going for Mr. Stapleton, as only his children who loved him dearly can.

Wesley Samuel (son)

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