Mentally Unstable Man Beaten By Police +Video

A video making the rounds on social media showing  a police officer in plain clothes applying blows to a man sitting on a sidewalk in Kingstown have sparked outrage among some sections of the population.

The video showed the accused Police Officer standing next to the man,  apparently having  a conversation , however, seconds later the man was being beaten on the back, hands and legs.

One eyewitness to the incident said the man was only behaving in a manner befitting someone on drugs, and the beaten given by the police officer was filled with anger and rage.

The man who remained seated on the sidewalk throughout the incident  was later taken to the Police Station in Kingstown via a police transport which arrived on the scene moments later.

At one point in the video, the blows which the man was receiving ceased, according to an eyewitness such was the case when a pastor driving along stopped to get an understanding as to what was taking place.

A number of passersby held their head straight or laughed at what was taking place.

Social media blew up with discussions as to whether or not the incident was an abuse of power by the police, with some calling for the sacking of the officer.

The man is said to be a mentally unstable drug addict known as “Cut-Eye”, the incident took place on the night of Wednesday, December 7th on the sidewalk outside the High Court in Kingstown.

Video Footage Searchlight Newspaper Facebook Page

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