Donnie Collins spearheads major relief effort group

Radio Announcer and Programme Manager at WEFM, Donnie Collins, is spearheading a strong committee geared towards providing urgent relief to persons affected by the recent trough system, especially those currently living in shelters.

Collins told WEFM’s News department, Monday, the committee is comprised of several high profile figures, namely; Michael Charles – former Police Commissioner, Phil Moses – Businessman, Kurtlan DeShong – Chartered Accountant, Roxanne Millington – Communications (BRAGSA), Ruthlyn Harper – Civil Servant, Frank DaSilva – Activist, Fitz-Huggins – Consul General to Canada and Garnes Byron – from the Diaspora.

According to Collins, the Committee is an ad hoc Committee which was created, after appeals were made LIVE on WEFM, by callers concerned about the wellbeing of those currently in shelters, in the North of the Island.

“There are two objectives of the committee at present. These include weekly food runs to deliver meat, food for the daily meals, toilet paper and to cater to the day-to-day needs of people living in the shelters” – Collins said.

Donnie Collins
Donnie Collins

“There will also be a major caravan on Christmas eve to deliver Toys to the children, clothing, cakes, pastries, food and other items” – Collins added.

The promotion of the effort will be done jointly by the staff of WEFM and STAR FM.

Members of the public are asked to drop off food, clothing and other supplies, as wells as toys, at Phil, located at the Central Market in Kingstown, opposite the Court house.


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