NDP Rally Around One Party Leader

Dr Godwin Friday has been elected President of the New Democratic Party.

The only other contender, Major St Clair Leacock withdrew his candidacy prior to the vote.

On Friday Leacock said,  “The party should proceed to have a leader and a deputy leader, so that in this particular situation where a person removes themselves as being Leader, automatically the Deputy Leader takes over until such time as we get to a convention and he is confirmed,  or there is a change”.

Leacock said from that stage the party can proceed until it gets into government where it knows who is going to be the leader as Prime Minister or its deputy leader as Deputy Prime Minister.

“The party and the country are bigger than the Major. I have no intention to leave the New Democratic Party, but I have every intention that the New Democratic Party respects me and that the New Democratic Party does not separate from me or divorce it from me”.

Leacock, speaking on radio on Friday 25th November said, ” I hope that my colleagues take a long hard look at the situation and understand that I still have a critical role to play in the New Democratic Party”.

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