Leacock: I have no intention of leaving the Party

“I have spent the last 36 years serving the New Democratic Party….every campaign from 1984 up to this present time, being on the B team until now with the rank of Vice President”.

“The party and the country are bigger than the Major. I have no intention to leave the New Democratic Party, but I have every intention that the New Democratic Party respects me and that the New Democratic Party does not separate from me or divorce it from me”.

Leacock, speaking on radio on Friday 25th November said, 

“I have not been encouraged by some of the developments I have seen in recent times, and I hope that my colleagues take a long hard look at the situation and understand that I still have a critical role to play in the New Democratic Party”.

“Already I am mentoring who should be my replacement. It’s not for me to determine, but if people can walk around with me for the last 10-15 years, then I have to say when I have an exit who are the people I can support”.

“So I’ve am firmly committed to the success of the New Democratic Party. In fact, it’s the only show on the road” Leacock said.

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