Friday: I'm applying for leadership of the party.

Leader of the Opposition New Democratic Party, Dr. Godwin Friday, says he is applying for leader of the party come Sunday when the party will hold its convention.

Friday says that his concern right now is not even party, but the country. 

“The party is an instrument to bring good governance but also prosperity and wellbeing to our people”. Friday said.

“When I can’t deliver that, not only will I not be involved with the NDP, but also I will no longer be involved in politics”.

“It will be time for someone else to do it, but let’s hope that’s a long way off,” Friday said.

“Right now we are trying to move forward as a party. As Mr. Eustace said, he is passing the baton on to others so they can take it forward along the road.”

“We must always put the people first. Sometimes we get distracted in the heat of battle and so on, but we must always rely on supporters and members to say, ‘Look I don’t want to hear them things you talking about. I need to know what about the average man’s plight’.

The new Opposition leader said that something has to be done about our predicament as a people, and the only way to do so is to reach the people where they are and to let them know that rhetoric and talk has not gotten them anywhere.

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