Reasons to Date a Caribbean Man

You had to know it was coming. It’s time to take it to the islands and see what these West Indian rude boys…or not so rude boys have to offer.

1- Good with his hands ‬‬
Whether it’s tending a garden or fixing a broken appliance Caribbean men know how to use their hands, which could come in handy in the bedroom too.

2- Knows How to Cook
Like our African brothers, the Caribbean men know how to put a meal together. You won’t have to worry about eating take out every time you go over his house to visit. You should expect a meal, complete with greens, plantains and oxtail. But if you’re going to be sampling his cooking, be prepared to get in there and throw down yourself sometimes.

3- Love for Moms
West Indian mothers love their sons. That’s not a new concept in the black diaspora. You might have even heard the saying, “Black mothers raise their daughters and love their sons.” The same is true for the Caribbean community. The love West Indian men have for their mothers in turn teaches them how to understand and show that same love to the other women in their lives.

4- Hardworking
Stereotype alert, yes we’ve all heard the tales of the Jamaican man with fifteen jobs. As the product of a Jamaican family I can tell you that fifteen might be a stretch…but not by far. I’ve definitely known several of the Jamaican men in my family to hold down a job or three. A man who’s not afraid to work is definitely a blessing.

5-He’ll dance with you
Is it just me, or does it seem that quite a few American men have an aversion to dancing? Unless they’re doing something created by Soulja Boy or grinding on your booty as you pose at a 90 degree angle, there are far too many men who just don’t know how– or refuse– to dance. Chances are if you get yourself a West Indian man, you won’t have to worry about holding up a wall at the club. Sure they’ll be some dutty wining in your future, but you can also bet on the fact that he’ll be able to compliment you on the dance floor.

6- He’s highly Sexual
Sure, we can probably agree that most men are highly sexual. But the Caribbean man takes this to a new level. Dating a highly sexual man might sound like it could be a pain at times; but look at it this way, you won’t have to worry about him rejecting you once you’re ready. And if he suddenly loses interest, then you know something is definitely not right.

7- Strongly Believes in Education
Regardless of their own educational backgrounds, most Caribbean men value education as a means to getting somewhere in life. And should you come to the place where you have children with this man, you know it’s something he’ll stress to your children.

8- They’re Smooth Talkers
As if the accent weren’t enough! When you’re dealing with a Caribbean man you can get swept off your feet with a quickness. We definitely get tired of hearing the same old pick up lines day in and day out. Your Caribbean man will keep it fresh. He’s never at a lose of words to make you swoon.

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