My Only Regret Is Not Being Prime Minister For A Significant Period Of Time

MP for East Kingstown Arnhim Eustace says after 16 years of being the Leader of the NDP, his only pang of conscience is that he was not giving a chance to be Prime Minister of St Vincent for a period of time.

 “It is an acrimonious gratifying modification for me”. “I must recognize that it pains me notwithstanding my best efforts, the hard work of the party in general, and the tremendous support from citizens of this great land, I was not availed the prospect to map a new route of development for our people” .

Eustace who served as prime minister from October 27, 2000, to March 28, 2001, bewailed that too many citizens are aching when the NDP could have meaningfully improved their predicament.

The retired Opposition Leader remarks came against the background of an Extraordinary Convention to be held this Sunday, November 27, at which time delegates representing each constituency and organs of the NDP will decide who becomes the new president of the party.

Eustace admonished the party not to allow bitterness to enter the NDP ranks as the process takes place.

Defining the election as a “race among comrades”, the departing leader asserted that all interests should stand by the rules of fair play and democracy.

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