Prince Harry arrives in St Kitts -No welcome party

Turning up early is not really the done thing in the laid-back West Indies, as Prince Harry discovered to his cost.

The Prince arrived in the Commonwealth realm of St Kitts and Nevisafter an overnight crossing from Antigua, but docked so early that there was no one there to welcome him.

The island nation’s Governor General, Sir Tapley Seaton – the Queen’s representative in the country – arrived in Port Zante just a few minutes before the planned royal arrival, leaving the Prince admiring the view from the deck of Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave Knight for 10 minutes before he could disembark.

Dressed in a heavy blue suit and a white shirt, a visibly hot Prince wiped away sweat as he inspected a guard of honour on the quay side.

Then he went on a walkabout, speaking to almost every child that had waited to see him.

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