Airport Bacchanalia: “There is no Argyle Airport! It does not exist!” MP Cummings

“There is no Argyle Airport! It does not exist!” this according to MP for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings speaking on radio Wednesday 23rd November2016.

Cummings said, “You have a project for so long, that is, trying to build an airport at Argyle. At Argyle is a structure that is built with all the facilities that is operational”.

“It also requires,” Cummings said, “the necessary licensing and certification. Until then you don’t have an airport”.

“But you decide over a year ago, to bamboozle the minds of people before the elections”. Cummings accuses. “(You) created an entity to operationalize something that is leap years away from being a reality”.

MP Cummings also alleged that authorities created a board to operate an entity that does not exist.

“Could anybody tell me if that is not taking public funds illegally? Can somebody please tell me what the lawyers on these kinds of things think?” Cummings lamented.

Government officials here in St Vincent say that the Argyle International Airport would be opened before the end of 2016.

The airport in the past has missed a number of opening dates. No official announcements from foreign carriers have been made public just yet.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves stated on Boom FM, a local radio station, that the airport would start up with regional airline LIAT, as well as AmeriJet, which currently serves the island once weekly with cargo services.


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