Agreement reached Between Ottley Hall Shipyard Management And Union

An Agreement was reached between the Management of the St. Vincent Shipyard Limited and its employees, and the National Workers Movement, for workers of the Shipyard to remain on the job.

During an interview with National Radio ( NBC ) , Noel Jackson, General Manager of the National Workers Movement said that following the discussions, a unanimous decision was taken by the workers, to pull their weight during the hours of production.

Mr. Jackson, however, dispelled reports by the media that three months of payments were owed to the workers.

He said the workers on their own decided to take industrial action unknowing to the union and they were called in after.

The management of the St. Vincent Shipyard Limited the locally registered company, that had leased the Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard, responded to workers’ demands for outstanding salaries by closing for a period of one month.

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