Accident! School Children Struck By Truck

It was reported by the Searchlight Newspaper Facebook page that two male students were struck by a truck sometime after 3pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Searchlight Facebook page also reported that they were struck while apparently making their way across the road.

Searchlight’s Facebook page further reported,  that a witness,  said the boys attempted to make their way across the pedestrian at the very moment the traffic warden signaled for traffic to proceed.

Reports are that both boys sustained head injuries, with one boy’s leg being broken. They were rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Photo Credit Searchlight
Photo Credit Searchlight

First Published by Searchlight

Another eye witness to the incident had this to say:  “They were crossing and the officer saw the truck coming and she signaled for it to stop, which it didn’t until it ran over the child. The driver claimed his brakes had “dropped in”. Only the child who was completely run over punched his forehead and had bruises.
The other child sustained damage to his foot.”

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