Frustrated Vincentian

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I have been listening and watching over the past month as a number of troubling scenes play out.

From talk shows that only pull down the other side, while topics such as the plight of young girls and boys being abused are overlooked.

The situation of crime which has thrown our nation into a state of frenzy with 6 killings in 72 hours, virtually only seen as breaking news and Facebook live videos.

Our lack of planning for weather-related events and our seeming lack of care as a people for the environment which when affected by Mother Nature shows how frustrated the situation has become.

Our nation’s economy lagging with youths frustrated to the point of giving up, and our private sector begging for a helping hand.

An almost completed new highway already with holes and bumps, this certainly not a “cool scene”.

We need to pay more attention to the things that really matter, we need to get back to loving this nation first.

We need to find new ways to grow our economy, new ways to improve tourism and its dependencies.

We need to find new ways to be loving to our neighbors, not just in words but in deeds.

I am a citizen that holds no job, no property, no bank account, no vehicle, am a simply individual seeing the road that we are heading and ask if we could change the course and discourse.

There would be many who agree and disagree whatever your preference lets agree to disagree that something needs to be done to take us to the next level.

Frustrated Vincentian

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