Local And Regional Engineer's to Find Permanent Fix For Argyle Road

Local and regional engineers will soon come together to effect the best possible solution for the Argyle main road that was severely damaged by recent adverse weather conditions affecting the island.

Minister of Works, Senator Julian Francis, on radio stated that the highway is not going to be diverted away from its current path through Argyle, but will be fixed in the same area with a permanent solution.

Francis noted that what was done at Argyle was a temporary fix that lasted for two years and served its purpose.

The Minister is now appealing to drivers, especially those of public transport vehicles, to be patient and to exercise restraint. He noted that the road currently being used is not suitable for the amount of traffic now being placed on it, mainly he said, from the standpoint of congestion.

Minister Francis is also appealing to persons who live along the bypass road, mainly residents of Calder, Mesopotamia, and those of Peruvian Vale, to try at best to find a suitable place to park their vehicles so as to accommodate the free flow of traffic.

Francis said some patching of holes would take place but it is being made difficult due to the volume of rainfall that the country is experiencing.

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