Two Vincentians To Benefit From Dr.Erling Harry Scholarship Fund

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This is a quote that Vincentian Dr. Erling Harry, always mentioned and embodied.

Living true to this, a scholarship has been set up in his name. 

Dr. Erling Harry was one of the first Vincentian doctors ever to practice in the United States back in the late 1960’s.

Hailing from the small North Eastern town of Biabou, Dr. Harry knew how much of an impact he could make back at home.

During the five decades that would follow his departure from these shores, Dr. Harry helped to fund local hospital projects, assisted in bringing patients from St. Vincent with rare diseases to be operated on, sent medicines and supplies back home, as well as assisting in mentoring Vincentian students in the medical field.

Harry’s family told News784, that he knew only through the generosity of others that he was  able to have the opportunities to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. So In turn, Dr. Harry felt compelled to provide those opportunities to others.

The family told News784, that this scholarship fund was set up specifically for Vincentian students, to help them towards the realization of their dreams.

Scholarships would be awarded to two persons pursuing any major discipline, valued at some $8000.00

For details about the Dr. Erling Harry Scholarship and eligibility requirements, click here:

Through the years
Through the years

By Ernesto Cooke

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