Story A Hoax: Vincentians Still Require Visa For Travel To Canada

The Canadian immigration Authority has categorically denied that they have issued a 90 day no visa entrance for Caribbean visitors.

A story has been circulating on the internet and more so social media stating (Canada opens its borders to Caribbean visitors, no visa required for stay up to 90 days).

A number of Vincentians have asked News784 to look into the article since it gave them a sense of ease in returning  to Canada.

News784 did research and made calls to Citizen and Immigration Canada to which they responded.

Visser.Andre <[email protected]>

3:57 PM (5 hours ago)
to me, CIC-Media-Rela.

Hi Ernesto,

The CBN-TV story is false.  Please know that, depending on where visitors are from, they may need either an Electronic Travel Authorization or a visitor visa if they are flying to Canada.  Information on which type of travel document is required can be found on this web page:

Andre Visser

Communications Advisor | Conseiller en communications
ONT – Communications | ONT – Communications
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada | Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada

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