Paid Gun Amnesty: Vincentian Proposes Reward For Guns

After having 6 homicides in 72 hours, many Vincentians at home and abroad think it is high time for something to be done to allay the fears of citizens.

Just mere hours after the police told the media they were successful in ridding the streets of an illegal firearm and ammunitions, a businessman was killed by unknown assailants in Buccament Bay on Wednesday night.

Businessman Edgar Reid according to reports received two shots to the head that ended his life, this while the businessman was closing for the night.

One Vincentian in the diaspora told News784 that for him the crime situation is out of control and he is willing to be a part of changing such.

Vincentian Roland Peters said to News784 that If there is any citizen with an illegal gun to please inbox him on Facebook.

Peters said he would facilitate the turning over of the gun to the police without charges and personally reward the individual with $1000.

 “If you know anyone with a gun and you provide information that leads to the police recovering the gun, I will personally reward you with $1000. This is not a joke” Peters told News784.

“Persons can also contact Peters via email at: [email protected]

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