Chester Cottage Family Said It Could Have Been Worst

The Mack’s family of Chester Cottage is giving thanks to God, following a period last evening when their family home came under gunfire.

A family member told News784 that on Wednesday night around 9.30pm, they heard gunshots in the area but was not sure who the target was since they were afraid to go outside.

News784 broke the news but did not get the necessary information last evening to publish a story.

The family said they are not sure as to why their home was targeted; one window was broken from the shots that were fired at the house.

Inesha Mack told news784 that her mom and grandkids usually sleep in the room where the window was shattered , but said something told her not to sleep there last evening.

Inesha Mack
Inesha Mack

She further told NEWS784 that it was early this morning they discovered that their house was indeed the target.

Currently, two adults live in the home along with three kids. Family members say the safety and security of their life have been compromised and as such don’t feel safe in their own home anymore.

Despite the event and the current emotions, the family says all praises to God, since it could have been worst.

A source told News784 that they saw an individual wearing a  hoodie and wielding a cutlass in their yard in close proximity to the mack’s residents , as they continued to look they saw the individual then brandishing  a gun, following which they shot at the Mack’s home from in their yard.

Upon turning they said the individual may have seen them looking and proceeded to get inside of their home,  fortunately for them the source said an attack by dogs in the area cause the person to flee.

Police are currently investigating the matter.

By Ernesto Cooke


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