Clare Valley Resident Opens SVG Branch Of U.K Shipping Agency

Clare Valley resident, Philon Kelly, has launched one of the newest shipping agencies in the state of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The South Leeward native, who now resides in the U.K,  started the company, Kelly’s Shipping in 2011. Having loyal customers was what propelled him to expand the local branch of Kelly Shipping, now called Premier Logistics Services.

Jacqueline Matthews, Project Manager, and the person behind setting up of the local branch of Kelly’s Shipping says the company currently ships once per week from the U.K.

Matthews said that Kelly has brought the same concept to St Vincent & the Grenadines where persons can ship whatever they desire and also  facilitates orders from internet shopping through their office.

Jacqueline Matthews

Matthews told News784 that the local branch currently has a staff of two persons in the persons of Manager Sheryl Anthony Browne and Customer Service agent, Lydia Louis.

Plans are in place for a 24-hour service if the needs arise during the busy Christmas period, thus allowing customers to get their cargo in time for the holidays.

Matthews also said that a home delivery service is being offered. “Customers have the choice, however, to pick up or we can deliver to your location”.

The company has assigned agents on the Windward and Leeward sides of the country that will handle pickups and deliveries for the customers. More information can be obtained at the office.

Mathews told News784 that the company also has catalogs in the office where persons can order items out of the U.K and also offers advice on legitimate and affordable companies.

Philon Kelly before going to the U.K served as a law enforcement officer here and also a Coast Guard officer. He went on to serve in the British armed forces and then went on to become an entrepreneur.

The shipping agency is open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and on a Saturdays during busy periods from 8am to 12pm.

The office is located on the first floor of the Baynes Building opposite the old Public Library  and can be reached at telephone number 451 2125.

By Ernesto Cooke

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