Veron Primus Opts To Represent Himself In Court

Murder accused Veron Primus has opted to represent himself when he reappears before the Serious Offences Court for a preliminary inquiry into the murder of Real Estate Agent Sharleen Greaves.

This comes as the matter was adjourned on October 13th 2016,when Primus Former Lawyer, Michaela Ambrose,removed herself as his counsel.

According to Ambrose, she and Primus have had differences with regard to the management of his case; She also felt she had not been sufficiently briefed.

Primus was also charged with one count of kidnapping, two counts of rape and two counts of buggery,in a matter involving Mewanah Hadway .

Primus have also been arrested in the 2006 murder of a 16-year-old girl in Brooklyn.

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