Drivers and Passengers worried about rock perched on embankment

While many residents on the Leeward Side are happy with the New South Leeward Highway which should be completed soon, there is an object that is worrisome to many.

Drivers and passengers have told News784 that a rock perched on an embankment halfway between Midday butchers and Baynes garage in the Gun Hill area is a major disturbance to the mind.

The rock which became visible after the area was cut to make way for expansion on the road has begun to show signs of leaving its resting place.

Since the recent rains drivers who keep an eye out constantly says that you can clearly see dirt slowly slipping away from under the Rock.

News784 have made every attempt to contact the contractor Dipcon Engineering services Ltd and Supervisor of the project DLN consultants all to no avail.

Emails sent to the company were forward to appropriate personnel, up to publication time no one have responded.

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