2016 Independence Motorsports Culture Fest

November 1, 2016:  The Vincy Motorsports Club successfully hosted its 1st Motorsports Culture Fest activities this past weekend.  The initiative is a collaboration between the club and the Ministry of Tourism, Sports & Culture.  This year was the pilot project with hopes of developing this concept into a meaningful tourism product that promotes our culture and sporting disciplines in a festival format.  With the increasing number of non-cultural events taking flight around our national day, Mr. Sanjay Jiandani, the President of the Vincy Motorsports Club, saw it fit to use the motorsport arena, which almost always generates large fan turnouts, to promote and build awareness of our nation’s culture, traditions & heritage.

Invitations were given to various clubs, groups and sporting organizations this year to collaborate with Vincy Motorsports & the Ministry to help build the foundation of this sports & culture festival.  The SVG Motorcycle Club, the Kart Club SVG, the Association of Music Professionals (AMP), the SVG Rugby Union, the SVG Basketball Federation & the 4×4 Samurai Heroes were all helpful in making this first Culture Fest a worthy and successful endeavor.


This year also saw the arrival of many motorbikes, race cars, sound competition cars, & off-road vehicles from our neighbors in the region.  Over 75 bikes and 12 vehicles graced our shores over the holiday weekend bringing over 200 visitors to be part of and to celebrate our nation’s 37th anniversary of Independence.  These visitors have indicated their complete satisfaction with their trip and look forward to increasing their numbers in 2017.

The results of the two race events hosted by the Vincy Motorsports Club are:

For the Independence 1/8 Mile Drag Race at Arnos Vale held on Oct. 27th, over twenty vehicles took part in an exciting and entertaining sequence of high speed races.  In the end, Gregory Boyea (SVG) in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution beat out all competitors with the overall fastest time of 7.6 seconds beating out Sherman Joseph in his Nissan Pulsar who registered his best time of 7.8 seconds.  Other winners by bracket were:
1) Brian Evans (St. Lucia) in his Rubis sponsored Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 winning the 8-Second bracket with a time of 8.3 seconds.
2) Cecil Alcindor (St. Lucia) in his Mistubishi Lancer Evolution winning the 9-Second bracket with his time of 9.0.
3) Brendan Williams (SVG) took top spot in the 10-Second bracket with his Nissan Pulsar in a time of 10.1 seconds.
4) The 11-Second bracket found Hadley Bourne take the prize with his Subaru Forrester clocking 11.8seconds.
5) A special bracket was introduced to allow for the 4×4 Samurai group to compete.  Here, we saw Colin Sardine secure the win in the 15-Second bracket with this 15.7 second time after the disqualification of his competitor who broke out of the bracket with a 13.8 second run.
6) A special mention goes out to Kamari King, a 16-year-old young man who skillfully displayed his talent in a shifter kart.  He was able to outrun several competitors with a time of 9.4 seconds.


The Signature event was held on Sunday Oct. 30th at the Diamond Race Track.  The Vincy Motorsports Diamond Rally & Motocross wowed the record crowds as we saw a lovely display of skill, speed and passion by all the competitors.  The dirt was the talk of the town after spectators beared witness to some entertaining racing between local & St. Lucian drivers on the rally cross track.  The final results of the rally were:
1) Ian Trotman winning the 4WD car class with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution setting the overall fastest time of 1:38.4 seconds.  He beat out the aggressive attempt by Omrey Mayers in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 who posted his best time of 1:40.0 seconds.
2) Shaundy St. Hillaire in his ever trusty Honda Civic ran an amazing 1:39.9 seconds securing the top spot in the 2WD car class.  The highlight of the day was his amazing run with Omrey Mayers to close the event.  Both racers showed some spectacular skill as they crossed the finish just 0.2 seconds apart…Omrey taking the win in that encounter.
3) In another first, a new special class was introduced to host the 4×4 Jeeps.  This class saw 4 entrants including 3 Suzuki Samurais.  At the end, the top spot went to Charlie Thomas who drove a Mitsubishi Pajero io with a time of 1:56.3 seconds beating out Haniff Adams in a Suzuki Samurai with his time of 2:03.4 seconds.


The Motocross event saw bikers from the St. Lucia MotoX Club and one rider from Barbados take part in the high flying action in Group A competition.  At the end, The top 3 places went to Wayne Quinten (1st), Brian Leon (2nd), and Olson Francois (3rd).  The motocross race was as usual, very exciting and gave the spectators and glimpse of the skill and precision of these bikers.

An award ceremony for these events is planned for the Saturday Nov. 12th at 6pm but the venue is still to be confirmed.

The Vincy Motorsports Club wishes to thank all of its partners who made these events possible, their supporters & fans, the VIMOC staff, and all drivers, riders, and stakeholders who helped make this Independence a success.

Special mention goes out to Mr. Anthony Theobalds of the Department of Culture and the good people at BRAGSA who made great efforts to prepare the diamond track.  The club will begin planning the next events and looks forward to having your full support in the future.  For information on Vincy Motorsports, please visit us on facebook or email [email protected].  Membership is open to those who wish to be a part of the club.

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