Adoption Board To Be Sworn In Today

An adoption board will be sworn in here in St Vincent and the Grenadines today Friday 4th November 2016.

The Ministry of National Mobilization with responsibility for Social Development, the Family, Gender and Youth Affairs will hold a Ceremony  to swear in members of the Adoption Board.

Recently a family in Arma, Kansas highlighted that they and attorneys in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were uniting to call on the government here to quit stalling and make adopting kids a priority.

Hannah and Adam Montee Kansas Couple

According to the recent publication, adoptions have been put on hold for more than a year.

Vynnette Frederick, a former member of parliament and now a barrister who represents the couple in Kansas said, “there is need for a  new adoption committee to be sworn, take the oath of secrecy, and to sit down with these existing adoption applications that have been in flux for eighteen months and say yes to them, assess them, and let us go to the court.

Vynnette Frederick
Vynnette Frederick

Frederick said the couple from Kansas are not alone, “I have clients caught in this situation and they’re saying if they can’t have them by December  they’ll have to not adopt. I know that is unfortunate because people’s finances are not infinite.”

The ceremony will commence at 10:00 am at the Office of the Hon Minister of Mobilization, the Hon. Frederick Stephenson.

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