Six Vincentians Receive Thousands Of Dollars In Cash From Digicel

Marrissa Bacchus of Park Hill, Denika Garraway of Canouan, Junette Warner of Vermont, Omoro Alleyne of Campden Park, Carolyn Dabreo of Colonaire and Jenelia McBeth of Mayreau were on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 presented with hundreds of dollars in cash, having been identified as winners in the Digicel Mega Promotion.

Five of the above mentioned Digicel customers all walked away with $500.00 each, with the exception of Jenelia McBeth who was rewarded $1,000.00 cash, having won two weekly prizes.

The Digicel Mega Promotion Text Competition, which was launched on October 4th and will run until November 30th, gives all Digicel customers, both prepaid and postpaid a chance to win up to $20,000.00 in cash. Persons are required to text WIN to 7171, Top Up $10 or more or even activate a data plan to receive as many letters as possible to aid in spelling the word DIGICEL; the persons who spell Digicel the most will be awarded the grand prize of $7,500 for placing first, $4,500 for the second spot and $3,000 for the 3rd position. The competition will also see lucky Digicel customers winning weekly cash prize of $500.00.

Denika Garraway Pose with cash & Digicel’s Rep. Danielle Cupid
Denika Garraway Pose with cash & Digicel’s Rep. Danielle Cupid

Wednesday’s winners, who were all first time winners said it was also the first time they had ever participated in any Digicel game and promotion. The winners said they are all very thrilled to be rewarded by Digicel in such a significant way, adding that while this is their first it will certainly not be their last participating in the Digicel promotions.

Park Hill resident- Marissa Bacchus said the funds came in at a perfect time, since she is this week celebrating her birthday, while the other winners said the much needed cash will go towards ensuring that their families have a merry Christmas.

Meanwhile, Digicel’s Marketing Manager- Danielle Cupid congratulated all the winners urging them to continue playing the Mega Cash game for a chance to win one of the grand prizes.

Cupid said Digicel remains committed to rewarding its customers in very tangible ways; explaining that very soon the telecommunications company will be rolling out a very exciting and rewarding Christmas promotion, which will see a large number of Vincentians celebrating Christmas 2016 in grand style.

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