26th OECS Swimming Championships To Be Held In SVG

The OECS Swimming Championships are an annual event featuring countries from the OECS with competitive Swimming programs. The 26th annual OECS event will be held in St Vincent November 10th to 13th inclusive.

The pool event will be hosted at the Shrewsbury Aquatic Centre for the first three days and the Open Water event will be held on Sunday, November 13th at Buccament.

This year the Championships feature Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Martinique, St Lucia and SVG. St Martin and Sint Maarten will also compete this year as guest team. This is the first year Martinique will be entered as a competitive team. Medals are provided to the top three swimmers in each swim event and each age category.

Each country can accumulate points based on the position of their two best swimmers in each age category and event. The team accumulating the most points is declared the OECS Swimming Champion. In addition, the individuals with the most points in each age group is the Overall Champion of that age group.

The athletes selected to represent Team SVG in their age groups are as follows:
AGE GROUP Female (age) Male (age)
8 & Under Kennice Greene (8) Brandon George (8)
Jamie Joachim (8) Matthew Ballah (7)
Zariel Nelson (7) Javante Browne (8)
Kavern DaSilva (8) Vova Zhuravlov (8)
9-10 Adiah Phillips (9) Jayson Sandy (9)
Mya Defrietas(10) Eltonte Leonard (9)
Tia Gunmunro (10) Tristan Ballah (10)
Caitlin Polius (9) Tavonte Ford (10)
11-12 Paige Cadogan (11) Alex Joachim (12)
Akayla Crichton (11) Bryson George (11)
Kanale Alleyne (11)
Samari Ragguette (11)
13-14 Ria Adams (13) Shane Cadogan (14)
Nyah Isaacs (14) Aaron Defreitas (14)
Tyrique (Dre) Thomas (13)
Tyrese Lewis (13)
15 – 17 Shne Joachim (15) Nikolas Sylvester (15)
Cruz Halbich (15)
Dillon Gooding (15)
Tyrell Ragguette (17)
18 & Over Gerrard Geowarsingh (18)


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