Female Security Guard shot In Campden Park, Eye Witness Accounts Say Police Abused Suspect

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A female security guard was shot sometime after 1-AM on Tuesday morning 1st November 2016 in Campden Park.

Details surrounding the shooting are still sketchy; however, in connection to this story, gunshots were heard around 2am in the old buff section of Campden Park in an apparent shootout between members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) and gunmen.

An eyewitness in that area told News784 that they were awakened by the gunshots sometime around 1.50 am, and to their surprise saw members of the RRU pulling a man out of a gutter which forms a boundary between their house and the public road.

The eyewitness said from their porch they saw four RRU officers roughing up the man, they could be heard asking him “why did you shoot the woman”, “way you shot the woman for”, the individual did not resist according to the eye witness.

The eye witness said they felt scared; however, they looked on until the officers carried the individual further down the road to a police transport.

The eyewitness also told News784 that about three RRU officers came back apparently in search of something in the gutter, the eye witness said they told the officers good morning to which they responded in kind.

The eyewitness further said on asking the RRU officers what happened, they responded saying, a shooting took place in which a female security guard was shot, and that the men involved in the shooting came all the way from Vermont.

“Young men with guns they could have killed you right in front of your home, one of the officer  said, the eyewitness recalled.

A second eyewitness from the area of Old Buff, Campden Park where the suspect was apprehended sent video footage to News784, This second eyewitness says police did not act in a proper manner since according to their account the suspect was not resisting arrest.

At the time of this publication, News784 was not able to ascertain the medical condition of the security guard.

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