Douglas DeFreitas attacks "The Judicial System and Law Enforcement"

“I want to speak about hypocrisy and justice….” this from Douglas Defreitas, proprietor of NICE Radio and political activist, speaking on the arrest of Igal Adams.

“You know that Brother Igal was arrested and he was released from lock up after 24hours following an interview without any charge,” Defreitas said.

“If you drive a nail in the wood and you pull it there is no nail anymore, but there is a hole in the wood,” Defreitas remarked.

“I don’t know what is true from what is not”. DeFreitas added. “The only thing I look at is the hypocrisy of this country. When Gonsalves was charged for rape and sexual harassment, there was no arrest”. 

“I don’t even think…it is my belief….that they had any proper investigation because the protection and protectionism that was in place for the protection, those who are in authority kicked into first gear and everything was done to avoid that,” DeFreitas stated.

PM Ralph Gonsalves
PM Ralph Gonsalves

The radio host said following that, a week later,  another individual was arrested and had to spend a week in Calliaqua jail and that too came to naught.

“Now”, said DeFreitas, “we see the issue of Brother Igal….as I said I don’t defend wrong. I will never defend wrong. I will have mercy or sympathy, but if you going to arrest one person, two persons….other persons who have been hauled before the Court because of the very same thing….How come Gonsalves was never arrested?” DeFreitas quizzed.

“This is not a personal attack on Gonsalves”. DeFreitas contended. “This is an attack on law enforcement and the judicial system of the country that is in dire straights because of the way it is designed to protect certain people”.

Defreitas said the law in St Vincent, “is about those who are in political authority and this administration has only pass laws to protect or to suppress”.

“Check out all the laws they have passed,” Defreitas said. “It’s either to protect or suppress. If you look at the issue of Paul ‘I-Madd’ Scrubb, you would see that.” 

“I listen to a ‘mumbo jumbo’ thing that Hon. Fredrick Stephenson was speaking too….as to why the Freedom of information Act was never accented to, and I hear all the things about harmonization of laws in the Eastern Caribbean. But you know, there was no harmonization of the law on when it came to cybercrime. It was hurriedly done to protect those in authority”. DeFreitas asserted.

Defreitas went on further to say, “I don’t believe in defaming people, but if you are going to do things, you do it across the board so that Justice is served”.

By Ernesto Cooke

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