Petit Nevis (whale-key) to be sold for 25 million US dollars

Petit Nevis commonly referred to as “whale key” a private tropical island seven miles west of Mustique and less than a mile due south of Bequia is up for sale.

According to Sotheby’s International Realty website, the island would be sold for 25 Million US dollars or EC 67,500,000.

The 71 acre Petit Nevis has a lovely beach a welcoming yacht anchorage and is a short boat ride from the interisland airport on Bequia.

Sotheby’s website says the island is poised for development, and that there are numerous government incentives to build your own boutique resort and family home.

Previously used a whaling station, the history of Petit Nevis is steeped in mariner traditions. 360-degree views of your neighboring islands including Bequia, Isle Quatre, Mustique, and Battowia & Balliceaux

Petit Nevis or Whale key
Petit Nevis commonly refered to as Whale key

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