National Properties Assets Stand At 389.2 Million Dollars As Of December 2015

As 31st December 2015, the value of total assets held by National Properties Limited stood at 389.2 million dollars.

This, in response to a question by Opposition member St Clair Leacock, directed to PM Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said that as of the same date, the total inventory of National Properties Ltd in the form of land and property amounted to 381.2 million dollars.

It was also revealed that the land inventory showed the state-owned company had 600 acres of land in Bequia, the former Food City lands, and buildings, as well as the Emerald Valley property of 5.59 acres in lands and buildings.

Gonsalves further stated that when E.T Joshua Airport is decommissioned, the company will hold there 63 acres, in addition to other Arnos Vale lands which include 14 acres, the Bottlers  Ltd. property of 12,896 square feet, plus 3,221 square feet with structures there.

Photo showing lands of the E. T Joshua
Photo showing lands at the soon to be decommissioned  E. T Joshua

National Properties also holds lands at Orange Hill amounting to 86 acres, lands at Diamond of another 16 acres of lands and buildings. In the Marriaqua valley lands and building along with sundry parts of lands, and in Canouan totaling 1.2 acres.

Gonsalves said that In the Campden Park Industrial Estate, National Properties holds approximately 29 acres along with industrial buildings. In Ottley Hall lands approximately 150 acres remaining, and a further three Kingstown reclamation parcels totaling 21,813 square feet.

The Prime Minister further stated that National Properties holds Shrewsbury Properties amounting to 1.37 acres including a structure there, the estate at Mt. Wynne/Peters Hope totaling over 550 acres of land, along with the Ratho Mill Trinity University Property  5.45 acres including buildings.

National Properties also has in its inventory,  lands at Largo Height amounting to 8 acres, lands in Union Island including 3 parcels in the Chatham Bay area. Gonsalves said that a hundred acres at Chatham Bay are in fact part of the government and not in National Properties inventory.

Chatham Bay
Chatham Bay

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