Vincentian Man Who Reported Crime Charged For Over-Staying In The BVI

Police in the BVI have charged a man from St Vincent and the Grenadines, who this month reported that he was assaulted and his money stolen by Sea Cows Bay residents Gregory Alleyne and Shaun Scatliffe.

The visitor, Ezra Cruikshank, claimed that Alleyne and Scatliffe committed the offences against him on October 18 while he sat in a parked vehicle near Tortola Sports Club in Pasea Estate.

The visitor, who was brought before the Magistrate’s Court this week, pleaded guilty to remaining in the territory without leave from an immigration officer.

He is accused of overstaying for about 8 days.

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards ordered him to pay a fine of $500 or serve 30 days at Her Majesty’s Prison.

The prosecution reported that on October 19 – a day after the visitor was mugged – police were conducting investigation in the Sea Cow’s Bay area when they met a man named Kervin Rymer.

Rymer handed the visitor’s passport over to the law enforcers, the court heard.

Stephen Daniels – the attorney representing Alleyne – told the court that Rymer is a relative of his client.

In the meantime, police perused the passport and noticed that the visitor should have left the territory before October 10.

On October 20, the officers met him and inquired about his status in the British Virgin Islands.

The visitor told the officers that he had been looking for the travel document, but could not find it.

Ezra Cruikshank
Ezra Cruikshank

In a subsequent police interview, the St Vincent native stated that he was in the territory visiting his wife. He explained that his wife became ill, and so he stayed to assist her.

The visitor also reportedly told police that he had forgotten to seek a visa extension.

During mitigation on behalf of the St Vincent national, defence attorney Richard Rowe told the court about his client’s run-in with the men accused of theft – Scatliffe and Alleyne, adding that his client desires to remain in the territory a while longer to participate in the prosecution of his two alleged attackers.

Brought in to do ‘street business’

Meanwhile, Daniels – the attorney representing Alleyne – had told the court that the visitor was brought into the territory to carry out ‘street business’ on behalf of Alleyne.

The court also heard that the visitor was given $5,000 to ‘double’ for Alleyne.
It is alleged that the visitor did not honour the terms of the agreement, and so Alleyne and Scatliffe took matters into their own hands.

Alleyne and Scatliffe, who are still in custody, will go to trial for allegedly assaulting and stealing from the visitor during the aforementioned incident near Tortola Sports Club in Pasea Estate.

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