Iceland may become first nation ruled by ‘pirates’

Reykjavik, Iceland – The small island nation of Iceland may soon be the first modern country ruled by pirates.

Not swashbuckling bandits with eye patches, but political pirates bent on rooting out corruption and transforming society through direct democracy.

Their brand of politics is hacktavism meets revolution. Dominated by young people, the Pirates have grown from their founding in 2006 as a small Swedish movement battling restrictive copyright law, into a quasi-mainstream political force.

While the Pirate Party in Sweden, and Pirate Parties around Europe, have struggled, the Pirate Party in Iceland has surged to the top of the election polls, from a mere five percent a few years ago, to 38 percent in February. With three members of parliament elected in 2013, they were the first Pirates in a national parliament anywhere in the world.


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