Karisma and Sandals Eyes Hotel Development On St Vincent

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says investment opportunities for the Multi Island are looming large as the construction work on the Argyle international Airport is nearing completion.

Gonsalves at a recent press conference said Karisma Hotels & Resorts is interested in part of Mt Wynne-Peters Hope.

Gonsalves also said that Camillo Gonsalves Minister of Economic Development was able to secure a visit to St, Vincent by representatives of Sandals Resorts.

Representatives from the Sandals team also paid a visit to the Argyle international Airport while in the state.

Hotel development for SVG.
Hotel development for SVG.

“We will see what happens, Karisma, Sandals, you have to appreciate St. Vincent is not the only place they want to build hotels. “ Gonsalves said,

Gonsalves said the footprint Karisma have in some of those countries are fairly small, and noted that St Vincent has a significantly large tract of land which they could get a sizeable portion of hotel construction.

The Prime Minister also noted that there is “a wealthy investor who has a home in Mustique. Who owns hotels in Europe and is involved in other businesses” that is interested in doing development work on Union Island.

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