Argyle Airport To Start Up With Two Airlines Says Gonsalves

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St Vincent and the Grenadines first international airport will start up with two airlines, one commercial and the other cargo.

This was disclosed to Dwight ‘Bing’ Joseph host of OMG on 106.9FM by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Thursday morning.

The Prime Minister’s response came in reference to a question which has been repeatedly asked by the host and many Vincentians, as to which airlines would service this destination.

Gonsalves, in response, told Joseph, “Argyle would start with LIAT and AmeriJet, then the others would follow”.

Dwight Bing Joseph
Dwight Bing Joseph

Joseph further enquired of PM Gonsalves who those “others” might be, to which Gonsalves replied,

“I am not going to say at this time. An announcement would be made by the airlines”.

The Government has been very tight-lipped on which airlines would service The Argyle International Airport.

In June of this year, Prime Minister Gonsalves stated that an airline which should be landing at Argyle would have made an announcement. That did not take place.

In September of this year, the Government had announced that it had made progress with four airlines interested in flying to Argyle upon completion.

At that time no disclosure as to the names of those airlines was made public.

PM Gonsalves
PM Gonsalves

In response to the host’s question surrounding the revelation made by Stewart Engineering about the 2018 opening, Gonsalves said,

”Bing! I don’t have time to waste with foolishness you know!”

Gonsalves said the CEO of VINLEC, Thornley Myers, as well as Garth Saunders from CWSA, both state utility companies, rebuffed Stewart on works that both companies are carrying out at Argyle.

“Prime Minister, are you going to say he is incorrect with his opening dates?” the host asked.

”Listen to me! He is talking bare foolishness!” Gonsalves rebuffed.

PM Gonsalves said he does not want to be drawn into anything.

“What I am dealing with, Glen Stewart ain’t nowhere inside of my horizon on any of these issues. So I don’t even want to bother with that.” The PM chided.
“I am focusing on doing my work”, Gonsalves said.
The Prime Minister said he knows Glen Stewart quite well, that they went to school together and that he Gonsalves could get into a lot of polemics* on the issue, but “that would just be for entertainment”.
By Ernesto Cooke
*Polemics – noun
a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.
“his polemic against the cultural relativism of the sixties”

  • the art or practice of engaging in controversial debate or dispute.

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