The NDP Is Pure Entertainment Says Press Secretary Hans King

“ A woman stands up in a town hall meeting 10 months after the General Elections of 2015 and asks a question about the status of Sir Louis Straker’s American citizenship. Are we serious?”

Those were the words of Press Secretary Hans King on the Shakeup program Monday 17th October 2016.

King said that for a mass political party, 10 months after the elections to take such an issue up,  an issue without substance, and “a lawyer who is a good lawyer – Kay is a good lawyer – takes this up as a serious case, really ?”.

Hans King
Hans King

So I go back to the point I made last week on the program. Sir Louis first ran in 1994. That is the time anybody who wanted to challenge whether or not he was a US citizen, should have approached that issue.”

“The NDP,” King said, “was in power in 1994 with Sir James Mitchell as Prime Minister. They would have appointed a supervisor of elections. I should have double checked, but I really believe Selwyn Jones was the Supervisor of Elections then. Are you saying that the NDP failed the people in 1994?”.

“Did the Supervisor of Elections then, fail the people in having a man elected in 1994 who constitutionally should not have run?”

The Press Secretary then went on to say, 

“So you excuse that. P.R Campbell would have been Attorney General. Are you saying that P.R, a legal scholar like P.R, failed to do his checks in regards to that?”

“We now pass 1994. The man runs in 1998 with the NDP in Government. Still, Selwyn Jones is Supervisor of Elections and again they failed to check this out?” King asked.

“In 2001, the NDP still in Government, Selwyn Jones still Supervisor of Elections, Arnhim Eustace is Prime Minister and they failed to check this out yet another time?”

King asks, “The ULP won elections in 2001 and Arnhim Eustace becomes Opposition Leader, and he does not get his political party to challenge this after losing?”

Sir Louis Straker

“In 2005 Sir Louis Starker runs again wins and there is no court challenge. Sir Louis does not contest in 2010, but comes back in 2015, and wins and 10 months after – I tell you all Eustace, Leacock, Friday, Cummings a bunch of jokers without a doubt” King opined.

“You all are not serious people – being led from behind – being led by clowns and internet crazies” King said.

“Well the seven day period has passed, and I check with sir Louis on Monday morning and he has not received any further legal documents. So, I don’t know wherever Kay Bacchus – Baptiste and her team of overseas legal consul, including Ben Exeter, are going ahead to challenge Sir Louis since he has not obeyed their command to resign”.

“You guys did not really believe Sir Louis was going to resign, did you?” 

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