Medical School Drama:Transfers Under Questionable Circumstances

It seems as though two of the local Medical schools on mainland St. Vincent and the Grenadines are at loggerheads concerning the transfer of students from one institution to the other.

News784 understands that about ten students have transferred from the American University School of Medicine located in New Montrose to the Belair based All Saints School of Medicine, in a short space of time, and under questionable circumstances.

It is alleged that some of the students were lured from American University to All Saints, and some others transferred after failing their exams at American University.

American University School of Medicine
American University School of Medicine

While officials at American University are crying foul, All Saints officials say that they are in no way involved in any wrongdoing.

The American University pointed out that they have observed students who have failed end of term examinations and are expected to repeat due to University policy, have transferred to All Saints, and have moved up to higher classes.

The American University spokesperson said that it was unfair that the school’s students are targeted, after American University has spent time, effort and funds to recruit the foreign students to their institution.

The spokesperson called for steps to be taken to enforce the country’s policy on foreign students transfer from one institution to another, as these practices can lower the standards of St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a country that supplies quality medical practitioners to the rest of the world.

An All Saints School of Medicine official has however refuted the notion that the school is luring students from any other school.

All Saints School of Medicine
All Saints School of Medicine

The official stated that students move around from school to school all the time, and as long as the grades of a student requesting a transfer is to All Saints’ standards, the decision to admit that student or not, is made.

The issue of students being transferred under somewhat questionable circumstances came to the forefront most recently, when one landlord tried unsuccessfully to track down a delinquent tenant, who happens to be a Nigerian studying at American University.

The landlord claimed when he went looking for the student at American University, he was informed that the student had transferred to All Saints, and that a number of other students have done the same over a short period of time.

The landlord said he was informed that the students were encouraged to change schools.

He questioned if the right protocols were followed by the students and the school.


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