Radio Wars – The Prince vs The Hitman

Two local radio personalities have apparently been trading words over monies being spent on the Argyle International Airport. While one is seemingly questioning the financing; the other appears to be defending the information surrounding the way it is being spent.

However, while both Donnie “Prince” Collins of WeFM 99.9 and Colin “The Hitman” Graham of Hot97.1FM have told News784 that there is no war brewing on the horizon, the individuals’ cases seem to differ.

Collin Graham
Colin Graham

In Graham’s case, when News784 spoke with him, he said that as far he knows, Collins picked up on his (Graham’s) comments that he made on Nice Radio with regards the AIA, that there appears to be no accountability regarding how monies are being spent on the project.

Graham further stated that Collins went on a rant on We FM for a few days and also in the process called his name, “But we good” Graham told News784.

The Hot97.1 announcer said, “Collins is entitled to his opinion, just like he is, and I will not get involved in any personal attacks”.

When News784 spoke with Donnie Collins he also said there was no war between himself and Graham and added that the comments he made about the announcer questioning information that was already  in the public domain was made in all honesty.

Donnie Collins
Donnie Collins

“If  he takes it personally, that’s on him!” referring to a discussion held on Monday morning on Hot97 between Graham and “2-Kool” Chris Jones. 

At that time Graham said that he would borrow US First Lady Michelle Obama’s slogan: “When they go low I will go high…”

Collins told News784 that Graham was asking about something as if it started yesterday and if he Graham was “a journalist” he should “know better and not be asking questions for which answers are readily available”.

“It’s like standing under a road sign and seeking information about what the sign is already saying.” Collins quipped. “That’s just plain dumb!”

“But you see”, Collins added, “He and 2-Kool carry on with their nonsense Monday morning, but please tell them I love to fight eh! If is a fight they looking for, I love to fight! And I have all the dirt on both of them….I am just waiting for them to call my name!”

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