Rosetto Breadfruit Fries Official Tasting KFC Rodney Bay St Lucia

Vincentian made Rosetto Breadfruit Fries takes another leap forward into being a regional product.

The Healthy Foods brand will have its official tasting today Sunday, October 16th at KFC’s location in Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

CEO Deron Grant, who spoke to News784 from Oman, said that he is proud to be part of the venture which not only seeks to produce a product of high standards, but one which creates employment opportunities for farmers and job seekers.

C.E.O Deron Grant

Grant said all this would help to reduce the dependence on importation of similar products.

The C.E.O told News784 they are eagerly awaiting the 23rd of October or Independence week when Rosetto Breadfruit Fries will become available to all Vincentians at the internationally renowned KFC.

For Vincentians who can’t wait for that date,you would be able to get your early tasting at the French Verandah Restaurant.

Created by St Vincent & the Grenadines’ own Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Saboto Caesar, the conceptualizing and development of the product was passed on to the Minister’s friend, Deron Grant, who resides in Oman, where it now falls under Healthy Foods, a company developed by Mr. Grant.

Minister Saboto Caesar
Minister Saboto Caesar

The product line Rosetto Fries is already being exported to other OECS member states and Barbados.

What started just a few months ago on the Facebook page of Minister Caesar has grown into a big business for Deron Grant, Minister Caesar told News784 recently.

By Ernesto Cooke

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