Massimo Paracchini Artistic Works On Display 16th October

The works of artist Massimo Paracchini who was born on March 5th, 1962 in Borgomanero, Novara, Italy, will be on display at

the Meeting Room Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square 806 15th on October 16th.

As a child, he studied Art at Professor’s Rinone’s Studio and then got a Degree at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Turin. Starting with representational art, he evolved towards expressionism, cubism and conceptual art.

He elaborated different theories of artistic creation, such as “Cosmic-Alchemic free Sprinkling”, “Eidetic and Visionary Trans-Futurism”, “Primordial-Chromatic Trans-atomization”, “Thought and Soul Interference”, “Hyper-elliptic and Hyper-dimensional Geometry”, “Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling”, “Wavelight Lightning”, “Alchemic, Dynamic  and Orphic Kro-metamorphosis”, “Chromatic Crushing of the Alchemic Space”, “Chromatic


His subjects range from animals, still natures, landscapes and portraits to nudes and abstracts.

Techniques: acrylic, oil, tempera, mixed media.

The artist’s paintings are in  the Marketplace directed by Vittorio  Sgarbi ( and on exhibition at Nelson Cornici Art Gallery in Vercelli and Noli Art Gallery, in Noli (Savona).

He is present in the most important Italian art catalogues and he is appreciated  by Italian art critics such as Paolo Levi, Salvatore Russo,  Sandro Serradifalco, Elena Cicchetti  and Tiziana Tamburi.


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