Minibus Barrel-rolls in Biabou,6 Passengers Injured

By Ernesto Cooke

Passengers on board the minibus “Bucky” H8620 are now counting their lucky stars after a collision that took place at Shipping Bay in the town of Biabou on St. Vincent’s Windward coast last evening.

At 6.20pm on Friday 15th, October, the minibus and a private car collided. The Biabou Police has confirmed that 6 passengers were on board the minibus when it collided with the private car.

The bus, traveling at a high rate of speed reportedly rolled over three times before it stopped. Some passengers on board the bus had to exit the wreck through the open windshield cavity which shattered on impact. 

Police stated that the omnibus rolled 3 times before stopping
Police told News784  the omnibus rolled 3 times before stopping

The Police reported that passengers on board suffered only minor injuries and were treated at the Biabou Health Center and discharged.

The Police also said that the driver of the bus sustained light bruises to his right hand. Neither the bus conductor, nor the driver of the car involved sustained injuries.

The minibus, however, was extensively damaged, while the car was only moderately damaged, visible on its right front side.

Car involed in the collision moderately damaged police told News784
Car involved in the collision moderately damaged,police told News784

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