The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment has re-iterated its commitment to addressing the needs of persons with mental health problems.

World Mental Health Day 2016 was commemorated yesterday October 10, under the theme “Psychological First Aid.”

Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Luke Browne in his address to mark the occasion noted that we are on the verge of opening a substantially renovated Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre or Psychiatric Hospital.

He said the renovations cost over $4 million and were done as part of his Ministry’s modernization thrust.

Minister Of Health Luke Brown
Minister Of Health Luke Browne

He also said efforts are being made to ensure that they have all the healthcare personnel required to optimally address the needs of persons with mental health problems, and will enact updated legislation that protects the human rights and dignity of these vulnerable citizens.

Minister Browne said we “must address with passionate single-mindedness and overwhelming force any residual stigma and discrimination that is associated with mental health issues.”

“As we commemorate World Mental Health Day, let us keep in mind that many mental disorders result from substance abuse. As citizens, we have a responsibility to help ensure that the use of harmful substances is kept to a minimum, or I would even venture to say eliminated,” he said.

Minister Browne added that “There are many people in our society who are suffering in silence from anxiety, depression and similar conditions. Very often they don’t even know it. We should become familiar with the signs and symptoms of these ailments so that we could identify them and ensure that everyone affected by these conditions has access to the treatment they need.”

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