I Will Meet Bacchus-Baptiste and NDP In Court Says Hon Straker

The seven days given to Sir Louis Straker to resign has disipated, and many are now waiting to see what action the opposition will take.

On September 30th lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste penned a letter to Sir Louis, stating she was doing so on behalf of the NDP and voters in Central Leeward.

The letter was delivered to Sir Louis on October 4th and so far, no word has come from Bacchus-Baptiste nor the NDP as to what is the next step.

Bacchus-Baptiste and the NDP are claiming that Sir Louis is a US citizen and that he cannot hold public office if this is so.

Sir Louis has responded by stating that he will meet Bacchus-Baptiste and the NDP in court.

US Embassy notes from October of 2006 show’s that Louis Straker lived in the New York for 31 years and previously held U.S. citizenship, which he had to renounce in order to run for public office in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1994.

Straker in those notes spoke fondly of New York and explained that no one in his government is more pro-U.S. than he is.

The documents also show that the Deputy PM still visits there often as his family lives in New York.

However, his misunderstandings of the sources and uses of U.S. foreign assistance is considerable given he is a former U.S. citizen and taxpayer.

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