Breadfruit Mentality – A Definite Positive

When this country’s former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell described some Vincentians as having a “Breadfruit mentality”, one wonders if he ever considered how versatile the Caribbean fruit was and how productive it could be.

Come October 23rd, four days before our nation’s Independence Day anniversary, Vincentians will have yet another reason to be proud. This, with the launch of Rosetto Breadfruit Fries, created by St Vincent & the Grenadines’ own Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Saboto Caesar.

Hon Saboto Caesar
Hon Saboto Caesar

The product will also be sold by the International fast food chain, KFC as part of their menu, at both outlets.

The conceptualizing and development of the product was passed on to the Minister’s friend, Deron Grant, who resides in Oman, where it now falls under Healthy Foods, a company developed by Mr. Grant.

The product line Rosetto Fries, is already being exported to other OECS member states and Barbados.

What started just a few months ago on the Facebook page of Minister Caesar has grown  into big business for Deron Grant.

When News784 contacted Minister Caesar, he was very upbeat and happy for Mr. Grant. Caesar noted that he has six other “Fries” recipes to pass on to his business associate.

Philanthropist Deron Grant
Philanthropist Deron Grant

Caesar said, “I am happy that we are not only speaking of import substitution but we are living the reality”.

The Minister said he hopes that all patriotic Vincentians will soon turn their backs to “imported potato fries” which is far less healthy than our local breadfruit fries.

Minister Caesar expressed thanks to all the entrepreneurs who have supported Mr. Grant thus far and noted that with KFC soon coming on board, it would be a true game changer for healthy foods.

News784 learnt that the Minister also has training in the culinary arts from the United States where he worked and did an internship at the Eastover Resort and at the 7 Hills Restaurant in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

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