Father of dead infant fighting for his life

Popular technician Mozart ‘Pargy’ Lee is said to be fighting for his life at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) after he was shot at his home at Glen around 6.45 Friday evening.

Lee operates a business at his home installing electronic items in motor vehicles.

Reports are that gunmen opened fire on a man who was at Lee’s home seeking his services.

SEARCHLIGHT was unable to ascertain how many gunmen took part in the shoot out but there are reports that about 11 shots were fired, one hitting Lee’s nine month old baby in the stomach, one hitting Lee’s girlfriend in the arm and one striking Lee in the chest.

The baby was pronounced dead at the MCMH.
According to reports, the man at whom the bullets were allegedly aimed fled the scene, escaping unhurt, although he was chased by his attackers.

Source Searchlight  Newspaper

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