Vincentian Man Living In The BVI – Beats Wife Over Nude Pictures

Everything went bad for Julian Antoine and his wife after she responded negatively to his inquiry of whether or not she took pictures while posing in nothing but her underwear.
Antoine, 48, a native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who has resided in the Territory for the last 22 years, made an appearance before the Magistrate’s Court yesterday, October 4 to respond to charges of attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle, criminal damage and assault causing actual bodily harm.
According to the allegations read by Crown Counsel Annjel Flax Solomon, on September 30 while at their apartment at Diamond Estate, the accused approached his wife of 23 years and requested to speak with her. The court heard that at that time, the accused was in the living room speaking with a friend.
While in another room of the house, Antoine inquired whether or not his wife, the complainant, had taken photos of herself in underwear. She quickly denied this, but he insisted that she had.
Shortly after, she remembered she had indeed taken photographs and proceeded to inquire from her friend if anyone had access to her [friend] phone, as that was the phone used to take the photos.
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The accused questioned his wife on whether or not she sent the photos to any man, to which she denied, yet he insisted that she did.
The court heard that the complainant told the accused, “F*** off” and headed to the bathroom, but he became angry at her response and the attack ensued from here on.
Allegedly, the accused began beating his wife about her body with the palm of his hand, then held her by the neck and started squeezing and shaking. Despite her pleading with her husband to stop, he continued. It was at this point the friend of the victim intervened and pushed him off of her.
The court heard that as the complainant approached the front door in efforts to leave, the accused jumped in front of her and shouted, “You ain’t going nowhere tonight. You staying home. You ain’t leaving this house.”
She then proceeded to the bedroom, collected some clothes and tried to sneak out the back door, but he caught her and pushed her back into the house and into the bedroom.
The report further revealed that while sitting on the bed with her phone in hand, the accused said, “if is this phone causing all the trouble I going mash it up.”
The two subsequently got in a struggle over the phone. Having captured the phone, it was noted that he used both hands to break its screen and then threw it against the wall.
The brawl continued and moved back to the living room, where at the same time, the couple’s 8 year-old son entered the room and begged his father to stop, but he continued.
As the brawl died down, the accused requested the son bring him a bottle of water. After drinking just half of it, he threw it at his wife, resulting in the bottle hitting her in the right eye. He then reached for a shoe and began beating her about her body.
In defense, she grabbed a shoe and began hitting him. They struggled to the floor and then he sat on her thighs.
The altercation came to a stop when the couple’s daughter, who lives upstairs, entered the apartment and pushed the accused away.
Under police questioning, the accused said, “She tell me bad word and I flipped. I hit her with my hand first then I hit her with a slipper and shake her. I mash up her phone, but I will pay her for it.”
He also admitted to the allegations read to him by officers.
Antoine was offered bail in the sum of $60,000 with one surety and was ordered to refrain from contacting or harassing the complainant. He was also ordered to attend the Partnership for Peace Programme.
He is scheduled to make another appearance on December 9th, 2016.
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