Moniqua Lampkin Got Paid For Going To Sleep

While most persons wake up in the morning to go to work so that they can get paid, Moniqua Lampkin got into bed and got paid for going to sleep.

Lampkin was the winner of the Courts St Vincent Sleepathon competition, after staying in bed and asleep longer than five other competitors last Friday morning, in the newly furnished Courts Sleep Centre at the Kingstown showroom.

The Campden Park resident outlasted Jerimiah Mckie, who placed second, and third placed Lenox Browne, as well as Hannah Felix, Eboni Burgin, and Olivia Lanferman.

Moniqua Lampkin got into bed got paid for going to sleep.
Moniqua Lampkin got  paid for going to sleep.

Mckie received an Alcatel phablet, while Browne earned himself an Alcatel Pixie Tablet for their effort.

All contestants received Courts vouchers.

With the help of local comedian Shevrell “Candyman” McMillan, the competitors were tormented during their morning siesta, with various distractions aimed at getting them out of bed.

They were subjected to popping ballons, clanging pot covers, ringing bells, food and water, all in an attempt to disrupt their morning rest.

One by one the sleeping beauties were roused by the disturbances until it was only Lampkin left.

Lampkin was happy to receive the funds and thanked Courts for the opportunity to win the much-needed cash.

The in-store event was a part of Courts’ launch of the new sleep centre, where customers choose from a wide assortment of mattresses, frames and bedding accessories to suit their sleeping needs.

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