Early Morning Fire – Home of Richland Park Resident gutted

By Ernesto Cooke

A family from the Richland Park community is now counting their blessings to be alive but is now left contemplating how to rebuild after an early morning fire.

Pat DaSilva, a resident of Richland park watched helplessly as her dwelling house, a single floor wooden structure went up in flames around 7am on Tuesday morning.

Whats left of the dwelling
What’s left of the dwelling

Da Silva was not able to salvage anything, as the wooden structure, home to herself and two children was quickly incinerated.

The SVG Fire Service responded quickly but was unable to stop the blaze by the time they arrived. The specific cause of the fire are yet to be determined.

Officials from the Housing Department also arrived on scene this morning and spoke with DaSilva and offered to provide assistance where possible in the wake of this morning’s tragedy.

Fire destroyed everything
Fire destroyed everything

Pat DaSilva is an employee of JAX Enterprises Ltd. Her two children are currently attending school one at Primary and the other at Secondary School level.

Da Silva has now been added to the list of Vincentians in dire need assistance, just like those affected following the recent passage of Tropical Storm Matthew.

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